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Frequently asked questions



Before purchase / General questions 

1/ Should I choose the model with 2 Led ramps or 4 Led ramps? 

  • It all depends on the size and shape of the object you are photographing. If the object is flat like jewelry or food then 2 ramps can be enough. But if the object as more dimension to it like shoes, bags, flowers or wedding cakes then 4 ramps will be better in order to avoid unwelcome shadows. 

2/ Do the backdrops come in different colors? 

  • The photo studio comes with 3 different colored backdrops: black, white and orange. Expect for the 2 bigger models the HPB-160 and the HPB-200, they only include one white backdrop. We do not have any other colored backdrops at the moment. 

3/ Are the lights dimmable?  

  • All our units are equipped with dimmable lights. One power supply cable controls the light intensity of 2 ramps at the same time.

4/ Can I take picture from above? 

  • Our 3 smaller units (HPB40/60/80) have multiple shooting options. You can either take pictures from the front with the one of both flaps open or even with the front on the studio photo folded over. Or you can take picture from above by opening the top flap. On the larger models (HPB160/200) the pictures can only be taken from the front. There is no opening on the top of the photo studio. 

5/ Do I need a camera? Or can I take picture from my phone? 

  • Either is possible! Nowadays smartphone are equipped with high quality cameras that allow you to take good quality pictures without having to make too many adjustments beforehand. The photo studio works for all skill levels. 

6/ Is the photo studio suitable for people with little to no photography knowledge? 

  • The photo studio is designed for people of all skill levels. Our aim is for everyone to be able to take professional photos for whatever reason is needed regardless of one’s knowledge or experience with photography.  

7/ Is the photo studio easy to transport? 

  • The photo studios are designed to be easy and quick to assemble and disassemble. All our models come with their own travel bag that will allow you to take your photo studio with you wherever you go.  

8/ Where can I find more pictures taken in the photo studios? 

  • For more examples of objects you can photograph in our photo studio please feel free to visit our social media accounts. We share content on both Facebook and Instagram on a regular basis. 

9/ If I have a business with a VAT number can I be exempt of taxes? 

  • If your business is based in an EU country other than France you can enter your VAT number on the shopping cart page before checkout.  

 10/ What plugs does the photo studio come equipped with?

  • All the untis sold on our website come equipped with European 2 pin plugs. 



1/ Will I have to do some post-production work? 

  • In most cases the answer is yes. But it will all depend on the end result you are looking for. For example when using the white backdrop some post production is needed to adjust the white balance to avoid the backdrop coming out grey in the picture. When using the black backdrop some post production might be needed to erase the curve of the backdrop that come out grey in some cases. 

2What type of software can I use for post-production? Is there a free one? 

  • The most used software is Photoshop but it is not free. You can also use Gimp to modify your picture, this software is free. In both cases you will find some tips on how to use the software in our editing guide included with your photo studio. If you are taking pictures with your smartphone you can modify some aspect of the picture using the tools already present on your phone. 



After sale  

1How long does the warranty last on the product? 

  • The photo studio and all of its elements are under a 2 year warranty. This warranty is valid only with the original purchase invoice for products sold on our website. The warranty is excluded in following circumstances : malfunction, loss or damage to Equipment by any person other than Havox authorised personnel 

2/ Where can I find my invoice? 

  • The invoice is available on request to our customer support team. 

3/ Can I return my purchase? 

  • In order to be eligible for a refund, you have to return the product within 14 calendar days of your purchase being received. The product must be in the same condition that you receive it and undamaged in any way. 

4/ How can I contact customer support? 

  • You can either contact us by email at or via messenger if you have facebook by searching HAVOX. You can also contact us directly by phone at +33 (0) 9 83 40 00 75 (please note that our office is based in France and that our team can communicate with you in French and English).  


If you have any questions that you did not find the answers to here please feel free to contact our customer support team.