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Portable Photo studios

HPB-40 Series is designed to be small, lightweight, and nomad. Lightbox HPB-40 is the tiniest photo studio model that perfectly matches little products like watches, sunglasses, cosmetics, food, jewelry, and figurines.

The most convenient portable shooting lightbox! Enhanced with high-grade LED chips, it’ll be an asset for producing your photo wherever you are!

Available in 2 Models from 30W with two ramps or 60w with four ramps.

HPB-60 Series can be easily installed on any desktop for easy and quick photography production. Its field of action corresponds to small and medium-sized products such as shoes, books, accessories, jewelry, scale models.

Make your product visuals effortlessly with uniform white background. Boost your sales with a high-quality packshot and highlight your product features.

Powered with a professional photo LED, two options are available from 60W with two ramps or up to 120W equipped with four ramps.

Without a doubt the most versatile lightbox due to its size. Easily create packshot photos to showcase your small to large products. So far, the most requested lightbox by professional photographers, product advertising companies, auction houses, and online sellers for the different sizes of objects they need to take photos.

These two models provides a professional quality lighting environment starting with 72W for the HPB-80D to 144W for the HPB-80XD.

Havox's all-in-one photo booth is the solution to optimize space and is 10x more convenient than the lightbox photography kit.

The lighting is modulable and tiltable, perfect to realize close-up shots and highlight any unique details. It's mostly used for artwork, large products, full-body photos, portraits, dressed mannequins for clothing and accessories.

Built-in with six adjustable LED ramps, finding the proper lighting for your subject will no longer be a problem. Available in two sizes, 1.6 meters and 2 meters high.

Why Havox Lightboxes for photography?

Innovative Technology

Havox is commited to offer you the best lighting material. When others use commercial lighting for photography, Havox use professional grade LED SMD chispet with a CRI Ra value up to 93+ dedicated for photography and videography use. Specifically studied to reveal the colors faithfully.

Its frame is pure aluminum galvanized shell chosen for its high-quality heat dissipation. It can be moved to adjust the light direction or to change its position horizontally or vertically even when light is on.

Simplicity and Efficiency

Havox has set a new standard for portable photo studios. The 2021 Series raises the bar even further, featuring durable and sturdy lightboxes with new tilting and movable led ramp on all parts of the structure.

Made for rapid production of professional photos, with Havox, you'll become autonomous, more responsive, and therefore more productive!

Guaranteed quality

Havox products are designed and certified for safety and durability. They have undergone tests according to established photography industry standards and custom testing to ensure you get the most out of them daily.

When you buy an Havox product, you know you’re getting quality resulting from years of R&D work and always attentive to users' feedback.

After Sales Services

We strive to offer efficient, and reactive after-sales service. We know customer service is an important quality for the consumer.

Our teams are trained to answer any technical questions you may have when using our products.

You can contact us through the contact form; we guarantee a response within 48 hours.