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The first lines of the Havox story

« It all starts with a meeting between Yuwei and Adrien, 10 years ago.»
Through our shared passion for e-commerce, we immersed ourselves in the world about ten years ago. And this is where it all began. We realized that it was difficult to obtain good quality visuals of the product without having recourse to a studio and a photographer. We have lived through this problem at the core of our own business. What if we could make our own studio photos ourselves? That issue was the birth of Havox.

A photo should always enhance your product

The photo is the essence of your work. It should always highlight what drives you on a daily basis. Say no to the 3D image, there is nothing like a good photo to enhance your product. And sometimes the devil is in the details!
A successful photo is above all a photo that makes you want to touch the product. It must awaken the senses with brilliance.
For artists, craftsmen, entrepreneurs and everyone else, check out our easy-to-use, budget-friendly light box. So you can photograph like a pro...

Our products

Core values


From the beginning, we have been guided by our conscience. Honesty and transparency have always been our fundamental tenets.

Ecological awareness

If every consumer act is a political act, the ecological and anti-waste dimension is central to Havox's concerns.


Our goal? Never keep our customers waiting. Our availability to our clients, which is remarkable and stands out compared to other ecommerce sites.
We answer all inquiries within 24 hours and can be easily reached by telephone. We are a small team and we wish to remain small! We believe that having a direct touch makes all the difference when you purchase online.

"Staying close to you is our priority."

Putting the spotlight on crafts

"Every artist is precious because he soothes the human world and enriches the hearts of men." Natsume Soseki

Handcrafting is an extension of the creative minds which we so admire. These creations are unique and cannot be reproduced, so they deserve to be given their due. Since 2020, we have launched a programme to reduce the costs of our light box for artisans. And over 150 have already benefited from it!

A team that makes you smile

Co-founder Havox

Adrien, co-founder of Havox, reveals a perfectionist soul full of ideas every day. He is responsible and demanding, and his constant pursuit of quality guides him at every step.

«The satisfaction of our customers will always be my driving force.»

Co-founder Havox

Yuwei, the co-founder of Havox, is of joyful and bubbly nature. Her high ecological awareness and impeccable organization contribute significantly to Havox's success.

«A company, in my opinion, can be compared to a human being. Indeed, it must respect nature and follow moral guidelines. »

Customer support

Lorenzo, the youngest at Havox, is involved and spontaneously very attentive. His seriousness and personality are ideal for the team's philosophy.

«I have the opportunity to work with a team that wants to share its experience and skills with me. And, in my opinion, this is the most important aspect of learning a trade.»

Expert photographer

For Hervé, photography is above all a matter of passion. Curious by nature, he never stops sharpening his eye to create images that stand out. Both thoughtful and adventurous, studio photography is one of his most great strengths.

«My passion for photography and my sensitivity to the latest technological advances allow me to bring real technical expertise to Havox.»

Want to give your photos a new lease of life?