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HPB Series - Extension Kit


The extension kit brings more light to your photo studio. This kit is perfect for photographing large and vertical objects. In that case, this is a perfect solution to avoid shadows.

  • CONTENTS: The kit includes 2 LED ramps and a power cable equipped with a dimmer that allows you to control the intensity of the light of both ramps simultaneously.

  • COMPATIBILITY: This kit is the perfect solution for adding light source points and for an overall increase of light to your HAVOX photo studio.

  • HIGH QUALITY LED LIGHTS: The LED ramps are adjustable with a swivel of 180°, have a 5500k color temperature, and a luminous flux of 13000 lumens (CRI 93+).

  • FLEXIBLE: The photo studio metal structure makes it possible for the LED ramps to be installed horizontally or vertically (except for the HPB-160 & HPB-200 model) to control the light source better.

  • ASSEMBLY: Easy to use, the kits only take a few minutes to be installed or dismantled, and no tools are required.

    Each kit is compatible according to the size of the HAVOX lightbox. Please find below the different amount of LED SMD lamps you will obtain:

    • HPB-40 Kit = HPB-40D & HPB-40XD = 60 lamps
    • HPB-60 Kit = HPB-60D & HPB-60XD = 120 lamps
    • HPB-80 Kit = HPB-80D & HPB-80XD = 168 lamps
    • HPB-160 Kit = HPB-160 = 120 lamps
    • HPB-200 Kit = HPB-200 = 168 lamps