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About us

Who are we ?


Our history Havox was created in Vendome (France) in 2015 by a couple driven by a taste for entrepreneurship. From the beginning, we wanted to master all links in the chain to offer our customers high-quality and easy photo shooting solution at the best price.


Our team

Today, we form a lovely team international who engages the employees passionate from product design to production, customer service and marketing. Our motto remains the same: Passion and Elite.


Our spirit

We have experienced the E-commerce for many years, to set the scene of the products and to take the most beautiful moments of the products is what drives us above all. Our Havox studio box is designed to accompany your passionate shooting for a long time.


Our values


  • For the planet

We have been committed to using healthy materials, to minimizing the packaging; we use environment-friendly paint and maximizing the lifespan of our products. Our goal is to reduce the waste. The returns are treated separately: to reconditioner or to recycle regarding their conditions in order to make minimum wastage.

  • For the hand-made

“Art and love are the same thing: It’s the process of seeing yourself in things that are not you.” – Chuck Klosterman. Handmade Items are crafted in the creative spirit which we admire so much. We believe the handmade things have a life and cannot be duplicated. We encourage the craftsman to take the photos of their creation by our box. Since 2020, We have launched the program to reduce the cost for the craftsman in which over 150 craftsmen have benefited the reduction.


  • Product authenticity

We have chosen the best first materials and small-scale production. We work without an intermediary. Our box is invented and evolved from three professional photographers, the dedicated   engineers and gradually by the feedbacks and suggestions from our customers. They are produced in China under the high exigency quality control. Our mark HAVOX is registered in Europe 2016 and in the USA 2019. The products we offer for sale come directly from us. This process guarantees the authenticity of the products and the fairest price.