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About us

We are a France based company with a team of 4 and also a partner in the USA for logistics and support.
Our photo studios were created and developed by three professional photographers and dedicated engineers. They have gradually evolved thanks to our customer’s feedback and suggestions.
Our products are manufactured in China following very high quality standards and strict controls.
Our brand has been registered in Europe since 2016 and now in the USA since 2019.
- It is not only important to buy the right product but also who you buy it from.
What makes us different?
  • Our customer support: our team will not only help you choose the model that is better suited to your needs but will also provide an after sales experience for assembly and use if necessary.
  • Our editing guide: a small guide is including with every purchase of a photo studio to help improve your photography experience with as minimal post production as possible.
We are always open to suggestions so do not hesitate to contact us.