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junio 22, 2021 4 lectura mínima

10 tips to take an aesthetic photo

To attract substantial traffic to your content and seduce your virtual customers, offering a quality photo is necessary. In this digital age, competition is fierce. Your photos automatically make the difference to show your professionalism and enhance your products.
Find 10 essential tips to help you take a professional photo, seduce your audience, and gain visibility. 

1/ Prepare your photoshoot

Are you looking forward to becoming a professional photographer? 

Before putting your creativity into action, the success of your photoshoot depends on its preparation. 

Start by selecting the products to be shot. Focus on your best sellers and new products. 

If you don't want to run out of breath during the first session, choose a selection of a few products. This way, you can take the time to maximize the quality of your photos.

On your photos, the slightest defect can be a determining factor. You could lose attractiveness for the product. Remember to clean your objects and avoid leaving labels that are too conspicuous. The presence of dust on products or fingerprints automatically hampers sales. Don't forget that your future customers can zoom in on the products depending on the website.

2/ Script before taking your picture

Do you want to take an aesthetic photo of your pair of sneakers? 

Put yourself in your customer's shoes. What do they want to see on this pair of shoes? 

Often, we don't know which angle to choose depending on the product. By placing yourself on the customer's side, you automatically define the model's different aspects to be photographed. 

For example, for a pair of shoes, all angles are considered. From the profile to the top of the shoe, taking a photo of different grades will guarantee the product's new condition through the back and the sole. 

Remember to put these shooting steps in writing, in the form of a checklist. This memo will save you precious time organizing your session and know how to position the product quickly.

3/ Optimize natural lighting

The quality of the lighting is particularly decisive on the quality of the photo. The light enhances the product by a sharp and perfect rendering of colors.

Taking an aesthetic photo depends above all on your ability to generate lighting close to sunlight. Home lighting is generally not powerful enough to achieve this result.

Havox lightboxes for photography are equipped with LED technology that guarantees the reproduction of sunlight. An unmatched and adjustable intensity for a perfect rendering of the product.

4/ Choose a white background to take aesthetic photos

Are you planning to sell your products? Then don't hesitate, you must use a white background. 

As you have undoubtedly noticed, the majority of e-merchants use this technique. It allows smoothing the background to draw the attention of users only to the product. 

Photographing on a white background (insérer le lien vers l'article du blog) brings brightness to the photo. But it is also the only way to maximize the value of a product for sale.

5/ Attenuate reflections

Lighting sometimes has the effect of reflecting your product. Glasses, decorative objects, or for the home, lighting can leave an unsightly light band that will have to be erased by photo retouching.  

To avoid this extra work, the addition of a light diffuser cloth is essential. It allows reducing the reflections considerably due to LED spotlights.

6/ Stabilize your camera

Whether you photograph with your camera or your smartphone, a professional result also requires your equipment's stabilization.

Don't hesitate to invest in a tripod, which, depending on the angle, guarantees the framing's regularity and homogeneity. Shooting will undeniably be more stable, and the result will be sharper.

7/ Frame your photos

Visually, it is sometimes difficult to know how to frame your photo. 

Your product must be centered first to take an aesthetic photo. Apply a focus so that it is not lost in the middle of the white background, but not too close either so that you have the necessary hindsight to consider it as a whole.

Do you want to stage your product? See it worn?
Then you will necessarily have to attract the eye of future customers to the product you are selling. 

This is all the more true for fashion accessories or clothing. Center the attention on the product by sometimes cutting the model. I prefer the positioning of the product in the center of the photo or the last quarter on the right to catch the eye. 


8/ Choose a grip from different angles

To sell and create interest in your product, do not hesitate to propose a series of photos from several angles. This option is made possible by the use of a lightbox for photography. 

A multiple shot allows your future customers to visualize the product better and reinforce their desire to buy it. 

9/ Adjust your shots

Depending on the lighting and the product, your camera offers different settings. Do not hesitate to test it and visualize the rendering to guarantee an aesthetic and attractive photoshoot. 

If you opt for shooting with your smartphone, a calibration of lights, shadows, or the use of filters, offer you the possibility to improve the aesthetic rendering of your photos. 

10/ Dare to set the scene 

Staging is possible and even recommended to complete your shots. 

You can take an aesthetic photo of a set of products from the same collection. You can also add other complimentary objects to help the future buyer about the product's possible uses.


Conclusion :

Did you know? 93% of consumers consider the quality of the photo as a determining factor in their purchasing process. That's how important it is to succeed in taking an aesthetic photo. Relying on the quality of your images means increasing your sales. 

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