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Photo Studio HPB-80D

  • HIGH QUALITY DIMMABLE LED LIGHTS: The Havox photo studio is equipped with 168 special Dimmable SMD LED Photo lights which offer the perfect amount of light for producing bright and vibrant photos. The SMD LED Photo lights feature a color temperature of 5500k, a luminous flux of 13,000 lumens, and a Color Rendering Index of 93+. These premium lights make it easy to take professional looking photos with a much higher quality than photos produced with neon or fluorescent lights.
  • DESIGNED FOR ADAPTABILITY: Several openings at the front and on the top will allow you to choose the desired angle based on the size of the objects being photographed. No need to worry about reflections on shiny objects, as a light diffusing fabric is included to eliminate reflections and ensure uniform lighting. Included with the photo studio are 3 different background shades made of soft plastic, which give you the ability to select the background that works best with your object.
  • EASY TO USE: The Havox portable photo studio is the perfect solution for taking commercial photos with a professional result. Designed for users of any skill level, our detailed user manual makes it easy to adjust your camera and create high quality photos quickly and effortlessly.
  • SIMPLE ASSEMBLY: This lightbox is designed to be both lightweight and sturdy while only taking 10-15 minutes to set up – no tools needed! The photo studio also includes a convenient carrying bag that makes storage and transportation a breeze.
  • MAXIMUM OBJECT SIZE: For the HPB-80D we recommend taking pictures of objects smaller than (L) 23.6” × (W) 23.6” × (H) 23.6” to ensure uniform illumination.

  • Over the past two years, we have conscientiously taken into account the advice you have left us. This has allowed us to improve the equipment we provide you with so that it fits best to what you are looking for, models all in one, flexible and easy to use. Today our models have a lighting fixture on a reclining ramp that allows you to take vibrant professional photos of a quality far superior to that of photo studios using neon or fluorescent lamps and much less complicated to implement.

  • Our goal is to make this process as simple as possible so that you can make your own commercial photos yourself. That's why we have included a detailed user manual that allows you to easily adjust your camera to get a good result quickly, right up to the final step of photo development or photo post-processing. The latter, inseparable part of the photography allows you to modify current parameters of a photograph (brightness, color, contrast, white balance) to improve the appearance.