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October 19, 2021 2 min read

HAVOX - Obtain a pure white background

Your photo studio is set up, your camera is adjusted, you are ready to highlight your products. But depending on the products you want to take pictures of or the settings of your camera, it is sometimes possible that you have to do some retouching on your photos, either to embellish them or to have a totally pure white background.

Getting a pure white background can be necessary for selling products online, whether it's on your website or your social networks, aesthetically speaking, or for selling on Amazon for example.

We will explain step by step some of the many methods that exist to retouch your photos and get a pure white background. This is very simple and anyone can do it. We will use Photoshop and GIMP to edit our photo.




Photoshop is one of the most complete photo editing software. The only negative point is that it is not free.

- Open your photo

- Image => Adjustment => Curves

- Move the black dot before the peak.



GIMP is a very complete photo editing software that has many intuitive tools for dealing with defects in your photos, and the advantage is that it is free.

If your photos are in .RAW you will need to install the UFRAW plug-in first.

As in Photoshop, we will use the "curves" tool. This tool allows you to modify the whites, greys and blacks of your images. You can add a point on the curve by clicking on it.

1/ Open your image with GIMP

2/ Colors => Curves

        Ajuster Couleur Photo Fond Blanc


 3/ Add one point on the curve before the peak and adjust it.

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